Atsushi Futatsuya is joining us and offering insight into the beautiful art of Sashiko stitching, a Japanese tradition and even culture that dates back centuries. Choose from 2 types of workshop. In Atsushi’s long workshops offered twice on Saturday 12/8 and once on Sunday 12/9 you will immerse yourself in a 3 to 4 hour workshop and learn basic and core Sashiko embroidery skills. His short workshop offered once on 12/8 and once on 12/9 will offer an introduction and overview to Sashiko stitching with practical application for basic (but really cool) denim repair


The art of sashiko

All materials including fabric, sashiko thimble and embroidery thread will be provided at the time of the workshop


Matthew Aprile and special guest Mandira visiting from India will be providing intro lessons into indigo dyeing. We will be using a natural plant based indigo to learn basic techniques of shibori. Use your creative powers to dye your very own scarf or bandana, and walk away with a basic understanding of the benefits of natural dyes, and the negative impact that chemical dyes can have on the communities where are clothing is produced



Ryan Sullivan, founder of Rigg, is known for both his personal interpretation of sashiko and embroidery stitching, as well as his insane skills in all forms of resist dye and printing. He will be providing intro and intermediate lessons in stencil printing, and more organic forms of resist dye with everyday items and household tools using traditional rice paste. Use your creativity and the tools at hand to print and indigo dye your own bandana or scarf